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Healthcare delivery is overly complex. We feel the frustration of doctors, nurses, and care providers. Our mission is to help you focus less on process, more on patients.
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A wholistic approach to TAVR workflows covering entire case lifecycles.


Optimize your TAVR program. A wholistic approach to TAVR workflows covering entire case lifecycles.

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Leveraging the Epihealth platform to simplify & centralize virtual team collaboration, care coordination, and telehealth integrated seamlessly into the health care system,


Conferencing built for Healthcare

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The Virtual Bedside

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The Virtual Clinic

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We approach things differently

The Problem

Current IT systems aren't delivering on the promise of reducing complexity. There is a fundamental misalignment between the way care givers interact with IT  systems and the way they deliver care. This adds complexity to patient care rather than reducing it.

The Solution

Step 1

Start with a clean slate.

Step 2

Develop a modular, integrated platform with the essential building blocks for healthcare workflows.
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Step 3

Go to the Gemba. Take a deep dive into workflows from a clinical point of view. Understand the problem, so you can understand how to solve it.
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Step 4

Build integrated applications that optimize real workflows.
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