Heart Team

Optimize your TAVR Program.
Save Time. Do more with less.
Get rid of those spreadsheets. Your TAVR program now has one platform to collect data, track patients, and collaborate on decisions.

Stay Organized

Automated case tracking means you never miss another followup.

Case lifecycle management

Know exactly where every patient is throughout the heart valve journey

Centralized schedules

One place for the whole team to see scheduled visits and procedures

Automated worklists

See exactly who is due for followups based on procedure/clinical trial criteria

Work Efficiently

Capture data once, reuse anywhere.

Automated case summaries

Auto-generated case summaries consolidate the most relevant clinical data for each patient

Automated registry preparation

One-click gather & review of all registry-relevant data


Generate reports to analyze your data for research

Simplified Collaboration

Talk to the team anywhere, on any device, with all the data at your fingertips

Automated case presentations

Case summaries are formatted into a presentation mode, ideal for full team viewing and collaboration

Integrated DICOM viewing

Upload individual DICOM studies or access all the imaging directly with PACS integration

Virtual teams, consults, and cases with Huddle

Integrated Huddle conferencing is the simplest way for the entire team to collaborate, whether from the conference room, consult room, or operating room.

Growth Through Clarity

Use insight into your program to stay one step ahead

Real-time metrics dashboard

Get immediate insight into the state of your program

Centralized metrics/reporting

Harness your data to improve your program

Adverse events/outcomes tracking

Easily track patient outcomes

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