A new solution for TAVR workflows

The Problem

Transcatheter cardiac therapies are rapidly becoming the standard of care, with TAVR alone expected to grow by 28% annually over the next five years. Program case loads are growing rapidly, stressing current workflows and revealing inefficiencies in patient tracking, collaboration, and data management.

TAVR programs with inefficient workflows are wasting precious time and resources while constraining their capacity to grow.

There has to be a better way.

The Solution

A single streamlined workflow, moving beyond spreadsheets and paper forms to a simple and centralized TAVR care-navigation platform that tracks the entire patient lifecycle from referral to follow-up to registry submission.
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Improves workflows for:


The HeartTeam platform easily manages all of the most important tasks for coordinators. It is a centralized location for the entire case lifecycle, including capturing referrals, scheduling, and automated task tracking of follow-ups, allowing coordinators to focus on patients and handle program growth with ease.

Data Analysts

The HeartTeam platform centralizes registry relevant data throughout the workflow simplifying the data gathering, aggregation and review process for registry submission and research. Abstractors can bring more immediate value to clinical teams by moving beyond backlogged data into real-time data.


The HeartTeam delivers real-time insight into patient outcomes, adverse events and program efficiency, as well as facilitating multidisciplinary planning through automated data presentation. Immediate insight will help physicians deliver safer, higher-quality, and more efficient care to their patients.


The HeartTeam platform provides real-time measurement and actionable insight into quality, volume, and cost metrics. Allowing administrators to continuously improve cost and resource efficiency while delivering higher quality care.